Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Fever

Its official, I have spring fever!! The past few days have been strange yet beautiful weather for March. Needless to say We have been taking advantage of the sunshine and getting some fresh air. ( I have even been doing some spring cleaning!) 

Kori was happy to be reunited with her beloved tree swing after being apart all winter. This is certainly one of her favorite spots on a nice day! 

I am glad I could capture this "Kori Face" This is her new cheesy grin which seems to be plastered to her face all the time lately.  It usually comes a long with a funny little fake laugh. Cracks me up every time!

I still can't believe how fast time is continuing to fly, she amazes me everyday by how smart she is and how much she knows! She has really picked up on her signing lately, mostly "please" "more" and "all done".  And I am pretty sure she now says "CHEESE" for the camera! So funny! What a little bundle of personality this girl is, couldn't imagine my life with out her! <3