Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Kori Elizabeth- Spring 2011

Kori Elizabeth- Spring 2011

^Quick little slideshow of a few video clips 
and some of my favorite pics of Kori this spring =]

Monday, May 9, 2011

4 months old!

Time sure is flying...Today Kori is four months old! I am seriously amazed how quickly the days pass with a little one around. She sure is growing fast and I have already packed up so many cute clothes that she has outgrown. It makes me sad to see some of my favorite outfits added to box of clothes that no longer fit. Today I noticed one of my favorite onesies of hers was starting to get a little snug which prompted a quick photo shoot so I can at least have memories of the day it still fit. 

This onesie looks so cute with one of my favorite headbands of hers.
 I love the zebra print!

I love the little lace ruffles on the butt! 
(You can kind of seem them in this picture) 

Kori is Mommy's Princess alright

My First Mother's Day

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day and I had a wonderful first Mother's Day! (Even though Brian was home in bed all day due to a bad cold) Kori and I joined the rest of the family for dinner at Bethany and Keith's. Lots of yummy food like always, and a well behaved baby made for the perfect day. The night also included celebrating Lillie's 9th birthday and an early birthday celebration for my mom. 

My Mom and all her Girls

Kori wore her new Tutu from Aunt KB

3 generations

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kori and Summer's Playdate

Today my friend Brittany came over with Summer to hang out for a little bit. Summer is just over 5 months older then Kori (but not much bigger then my chunky girl) Its fun to see all the things Summer can do that Kori will be learning soon too!

Now that we live closer again we will be able to get the girls together a lot this summer, which will be lots of fun!

Kori's Bumbo Seat

Kori likes sitting in the "Bumbo" seat because it allows her to sit up straight on her own! Here are some cute pics my mom took of her while visiting the other day =]

Monday, May 2, 2011

The Big Move

Saturday, With help from lots of family we loaded up a U-haul and made our move from Canandaigua to Walworth. Now we are in a bigger apartment with a room for Miss. Kori and the best part is we are much closer to our family! 

Our stuff has deffinetly multiplied since our last move which was a year ago. ( Mostly due to all our baby stuff for Kori) Here is a pile of our stuff waiting to be loaded on the truck. Obviously Brian brought home boxes from work, hehe.

Here we are in our new (HUGE) kitchen

 And here is another view of our kitchen. (Obviously lots of unpacking still needs to be done)

We have only been here 2 full days but have already made some special memories! Last night Kori tried baby cereal for the first time. She also slept in her new crib in her OWN ROOM for her first time. She did a  GREAT JOB! I think I had a harder time not having her in the same room as us then she did! 
Tonight Brian has to return to work and I will continue the unpacking....