Monday, May 9, 2011

4 months old!

Time sure is flying...Today Kori is four months old! I am seriously amazed how quickly the days pass with a little one around. She sure is growing fast and I have already packed up so many cute clothes that she has outgrown. It makes me sad to see some of my favorite outfits added to box of clothes that no longer fit. Today I noticed one of my favorite onesies of hers was starting to get a little snug which prompted a quick photo shoot so I can at least have memories of the day it still fit. 

This onesie looks so cute with one of my favorite headbands of hers.
 I love the zebra print!

I love the little lace ruffles on the butt! 
(You can kind of seem them in this picture) 

Kori is Mommy's Princess alright

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