Thursday, August 11, 2011

Some Mom Time

While I was pregnant with Kori I used to enjoy a nice bubble bath several nights a week. I use to love my time to unwind, relax, and sip some tea or read a book. For obvious reasons its been a while since I've enjoyed some "me" time, especially since Brian has been working so much. I feel like hes never home and keeping up with a 7 month old by myself ( yup, 7 months! Time just keeps flying) is not always an easy task! I've been craving a nice relaxing bubble bath for a few nights but by the time I have been able to get a certain someone to bed *cough Kori cough* I've been too pooped too even stay awake for a bath. Tonight I stuck her in her swing in front of the TV ( does this make me a bad mom?) and snuck away to the bathroom for 15 min. Just long enough to drink a cup of Raspberry tea and think about the long "To-do" list I have before bed tonight. I even went all out and lit a candle, Vanilla of course to match my Warm Vanilla scented bubbles. Being a mom sure makes you enjoy the little things in life! 

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